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Step Parent Adoption in Pennsylvania

Adoption cases can often be extremely stressful to any potential parent seeking to adopt a child. Like all adoption cases, Step Parent Adoption cases can be some of the most complex custody cases that come before a court. When a Step Parent chooses to adopt a child, the parental rights of the parent who is not the Adopter's spouse must be terminated. This can happen one of two ways: the first can be through consent from the person whose parental rights will be terminated. The second option is a court's decision to involuntarily terminate a person's parental rights.

Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent in Pennsylvania

Becoming a foster parent in Pennsylvania is a temporary position. In order to potentially qualify as a foster parent you must be at least 21 years old and you must pass a very intensive background check. Additionally, anyone else living in your home with you who is over the age of 14 must also pass a background check. The background check process includes an in depth look at criminal history, the dynamic of the family (if there is a family living in the home), and an individuals or family's income. The physical quality of the home must also be in top shape and be suitable for a child to live in. Additionally factors heavily considered are availability of supervision for the child, the network of family members in the community, and the ability to provide for a special needs child.