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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Amends Support Rules Associated With Custody

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled this week to amend the rules regarding child support in cases where parties either divide custody or have split custody scheduled. Divided Custody is defined as cases when parents have multiple children and one parent has primary custody of one or more children and the other parent has primary custody of one or more children. The rule was amended to state the following: "When calculating a child support obligation, and one or more of the children reside primarily with each party, the court shall offset the parties' respective child support obligations and award the net difference to the obligee as child support." The rules provide the following explanation, "For example, if the parties have three children, one of whom resides with Father and two of whom reside with Mother, and their net monthly incomes are $2,500 and $1,250 respectively, Father's child support obligation is calculated as follows. Using the schedule in Rule 1910.16-3 for two children at the parties' combined net monthly income of $3,750, the amount of basic child support to be apportioned between the parties is $1,200. As Father's income is 67% of the parties' combined net monthly income, Father's support obligation for the two children living with Mother is $804. Using the schedule in Rule 1910.16-3 for one child, Mother's support obligation for the child living with Father is $276. Subtracting $276 from $804 produces a net basic support amount of $528 payable to Mother as child support."

Charlie Sheen Files for Support Modification

Charlie Sheen has petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking a reduction in his monthly child support payments to Brooke Mueller paid in support of the former couple's twins, Bob and Max. Sheen currently pays $55,000 per month and has stated in his petition that a modification of that amount his appropriate due to a dramatic decrease in monthly income from the time the agreement was reached.