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Pennsylvania Case Study: Kayne and Kim Kardashian West Using a Surrogate

Kanye and Kim Kardashian West have announced they will be using a surrogate for the birth of their 3rd child after Kim admitted to suffering from placenta accrete during her last pregnancy, which resulted in an extremely painful birth. The use of a surrogate is not uncommon in Pennsylvania. For medical reasons the Hollywood couple decided it would be safer for both Kim and the baby to use a surrogate for the birth.

Paternity: A Presumption

In Pennsylvania, there is something known as a presumption of paternity when referring to a child that is born to a married couple. Under this presumption, the law assumes that a child born or conceived during an intact marriage is a child of that marriage. This means that husband and wife are presumed to be mom and dad. This presumption is very strong and extremely difficult to overcome.

Basics of Federal Income Taxation related to PA Family Law

Often, obtaining tax returns (usually for the past three years) is an important part of a Pennsylvania divorce case, especially where a claim for alimony or support is involved. This is because a Federal Income Tax provides reliable income information for each party and is utilized by family court judges in a divorce or support matter.