Same Sex Adoption in Pennsylvania

While a person's sexual orientation certainly does not change his or her ability to raise a family, laws and policies concerning same-sex adoption have yet to be implemented uniformly applied across all states. In Pennsylvania, same-sex couples can complete an adoption where the partner who is not the biological parent can become a legal parent through a Second Parent Adoption.

Second Parent Adoptions are an important tool for LGBT families because they provide substantial benefits and protections not otherwise provided by law:

For children of LGBT parents:

  • Second parent adoptions enable the child to be eligible as a dependent for the non-biological parent's health and life insurance benefits.
  • Children adopted by second-parent adoption are vested with the same inheritance rights and rights to federal benefits with respect to their non-biological parent as if they were biological children. Accordingly, if the adoptive parent dies without a will or becomes disabled while the child is a minor, the child the same inheritance scheme would apply as for all biological children and the child would likewise be eligible for Social Security benefits as a result of their parent's death or disability.

For the non-biological parent:

  • Absent a second parent adoption, a non-biological parent could lose all rights to the child if the biological parent dies or the partnership ends while the child is still a minor.
  • Second parent adoptions provide the formal paperwork that is sometimes required to make medical decisions on behalf of a child. In some instances, LGBT parents who have not completed the step parent adoption process have been foreclosed from even visiting with the child in the hospital on the basis that they are not considered "family members."

Because the law regarding same-sex marriages has changed and same-sex couples are now permitted to marry, there reamins the question of whether a step-parent adoption can be completed instead of a second parent adoption.  A stepparent adoption is a much simplier process and therefore less expensive and time consuming.

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