Florida No-Fault Divorce

Uncontested divorces are the most affordable way to obtain a divorce in Florida. An uncontested divorce can result from negotiations and settlement or from a settlement through the mediation or Collaborative Family Law process. Nevertheless, Florida uncontested divorces still require the filing of the proper divorce records including the Petition for Dissolution, Answer, Waivers, a Marriage Agreement Contract outlining the spouses’ agreement and the Judgment of Divorce. Thereafter, a hearing will be held to finalize the divorce and related issues wherein the Family Court Judge will require proof that the Marital Settlement Agreement is fair and that the mandatory jurisdictional requirements have been met. Rarely will the Divorce Court Judge set aside a Marriage Agreement that was negotiated as a settlement between the spouses.

In Florida, uncontested divorces offer many advantages over traditional divorce litigation. First, a Florida uncontested divorce is much less expensive and time-consuming than reaching the terms of divorce through contested litigation or perhaps even mediation. Second, the divorcing spouses know their personal circumstances including finances and the best interests of the children much better than a Family Court Judge will ever know even after hearing testimony at a contested trial. The divorcing spouses are in a much better situation than a judge to determine what would be a fair resolution of their child custody, child support, property division and alimony issues. Third, Florida uncontested divorces generally leave the divorced spouses in a better emotional state and allow healthier interactions in the future especially when minor children are involved in the case.

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