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Modern Family and Family Law Clients

Arguably one of the most popular television shows in recent years, Modern Family allows viewers a glimpse into the family life of fictional characters, but these families are hardly "traditional." The show centers around 3 very different families: one is a same sex couple who has adopted, another is an older man married to an immigrant with a young child, and the third centers around a family with a father who struggles with maintaining his head-of-the-family role while still not quite having "grown up" himself. Sitcoms in the past, like Full House, Family Matters, The Cosby Show, The Brady Bunch, and even Leave it to Beaver from the 50's, were centered on strong family values, and allowed the viewer some laughs too. However, Modern Family, while still demonstrating some family values, is more focused on the emotions that a family experiences. The characters of the show have their "out of character" moments when they speak directly into the camera and let their emotions and thoughts out.

Shared Custody and the New School Year - Helping Pittsburgh Parents Avoid a Custody Battle

While the beginning of a new school year is cause for many parents to celebrate, the new year can present a fresh set of obstacles for parents sharing custody of their children. Whether you're newly separated or custody sharing veterans, making a shared custody arrangement work smoothly during the school year is no small feat. Here are 3 tips to get the school year off to a good start when your family is dealing with divorce:

Same Sex Marriage: Why Not In Pennsylvania?

Same sex marriages in New York and California are frequently reported in the news, but why not in Pennsylvania? If you checked any social media or celebrity gossip site on Monday, August 27, you would have learned that Rosie O'Donnell married her partner, Michelle Rounds, on June 9th in a very private ceremony. This was shocking for the social media world who wondered: "how was she able to keep this a secret for months?" But from a family law perspective, one may question why every same sex marriage publicized in the media almost always occurs in New York or California.

Dodging Unpaid Pennsylvania Child Support? Think Again!

Rapper turned "Flavor of Love" reality TV star Flava-Flav will not be going to prison ... at least not today. Facing 180 days in jail for falling behind in child support to the tune of $110,000.00, "Flav" narrowly dodged jail time by paying nearly $25,000.00 of his total debt, the balance of which is to be paid over time. Flav appeared in Albany County Family Court on June 19, 2012 to contest the debt and stated, "No matter what's in the media, I am a good father to all 7 of my children. I'll never let my family do without!" The father of seven added, "I do the best that I can with what I got and I try to make it work, and any man that doesn't take care of his kids is not a real man and he doesn't get good luck."

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