December 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer's Tips on Christmas Post-Divorce: Keeping it "Special" for the Kids

Our Allegheny County attorneys have counseled many of our divorce clients on how to handle the holidays after the parties are divorced and when they have children. Often this is a major concern after a couple has divorced, as both parents want to maintain a normal environment for the children, making sure that Christmas is still as "special" as it always was when Mommy and Daddy were together.

Talking to Kids About Divorce: Sesame Street Tackles a Tough Subject

Our Pittsburgh Family Lawyers were surprised to learn that after more than 40 years on the air, "Sesame Street" had never tackled the topic of divorce. Sesame Street has taken on almost everything else - from marriage to death and even cancer, but until now the characters on the iconic kids show had never dealt with divorce. But that changes today - Sesame Workshop has produced a special, online-only episode about divorce.

Beating the Holiday Blues after Divorce

While our Pittsburgh Family Lawyers were "decking the halls" we got to thinking about our clients, friends and family that are having a rough time this holiday season.

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