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Determining Paternity in Pennsylvania Family Law Cases

Paternity is often a very important issue in family law cases.  Most people have watched episodes of "Jerry Springer" or "Maury" where whole shows are based on revealing paternity test results to a couple, which either turns out to be good news, or a not-so-great revelation that causes fighting on the set (cue the Bodyguards!)  However, in the family court realm, paternity is an issue that is taken much more seriously than may be portrayed on television.

Custody and Facebook: What's the Relation?

In Pennsylvania, child custody is determined based on what is in the best interests of the child.  Courts take many factors into consideration, including the stability of each parent, the parent's mental and physical fitness, potential substance abuse of parents, history of domestic violence, and the parent's morality and character.

Valentine's Day Post-Divorce: Define it Broadly!

Happy Valentine's Day from our Allegheny County Family Law Attorneys!  With our law practice centered around family law, many of our clients are going through their first, or one of their first Valentine's Days post-divorce, which makes this day seem less-than-exciting.  Our challenge to everyone today, whether in a relationship or not, is to remember the purpose of this day.  The heart-shaped candies and cards full of hearts are not coincidental - they are there as a symbol of love and a reminder about what this day is really about.  Sure, most think of Valentine's Day as a day for romantic love, but love comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Challenging the Validity of a Prenuptial Agreement in Pennsylvania

Our Pittsburgh Family Lawyers bring you the following information on prenuptial agreements in Pennsylvania:

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