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Divorce: Dividing the Marital Residence

When planning for a divorce, most often the marital residence is the most significant asset owned by a divorcing couple. Whether owned outright or subject to a mortgage, what will happen to the marital residence upon divorce is often one of the first questions we get from our divorce clients. Unfortunately, at the outset of a divorce, the answer is usually unclear. What happens to the marital home after a divorce depends greatly on the unique circumstances of each case and to a large extent, whether the two parties can agree on a value for the residence.

Pokemon GONO?!?! Could a Smart Phone Application Lead to the Break Up of a Marriage in Pittsburgh?

Like much of the rest of the United States, our Pittsburgh office has been dominated by talk of the sensational, Pokemon Go App, which has become more popular than apps such as Tinder and Twitter in recent days. Reports have been flying around the internet about this app's social benefits including the fact that it makes people more social and physically fit because it makes them get out of the house and travel around their local area trying to catch them all.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Married in Pennsylvania?

The news is littered with references to child marriages taking place around the world; however, we do not think of those things happening in our backyards in Pennsylvania. However, as recently as early this month, the Virginia child marriage law was amended bringing an end to child marriage in that state. Before this week, girls as young as thirteen could marry in Virginia with parental permission if they were pregnant. After this law was passed, all parties seeking to marry in the state of Virginia must be eighteen. Sixteen year olds can marry if they are emancipated. Legislators claim this change is aimed at curbing forced marriage, human trafficking and statutory rape disguised as marriage.

Can a Judge Decide What Activities My Child Can Participate in During a Custody Case in Pennsylvania?

Anyone who knows anything about custody cases in Allegheny County and the rest of Pennsylvania knows that the standard is the best interest of the child. Especially when it comes to school choice cases, courts will often look favorably on schools with extensive lists of extracurricular opportunities and activities for the children to be involved in. This issue becomes even more important when children are very passionate or gifted in a specific sport, activity or art. Usually, the parent who is best able to support the child's involvement in an activity about which they are passionate may have the upper hand in a custody case.

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