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LGBTQ Family Building: How a family formation attorney can help you to grow your family

Our Pittsburgh based law firm is proud to assist LGBTQ individuals and couples on their journey to building and expanding their families with our experience as family formation attorneys. Maybe you and your partner are already well on your way to growing your family or maybe you're wondering how to begin this journey.

Honoring National Infertility Awareness Week in Pennsylvania - Speaking to loved ones about their infertility

National Infertility Awareness Week runs through April 22 - 28. Currently 7.3 million Americans are struggling with infertility. Infertility does not discriminate based on age, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status. Many couples and individuals in Pennsylvania struggle to build their families.

Pennsylvania Basics: In Vitro Fertilization 101

In Vitro Fertilization (or IVF) is one of the many types of assisted reproductive technology (ART) available to couples in Pennsylvania who are facing fertility challenges. In some our previous posts we've discussed the basics of ART, the basics of surrogacy, provided a list of those states that're considered legally friendly towards the practice of surrogacy and now we'll cover the basics of IVF.

Pennsylvania Basics: Assisted Reproductive Technology 101

Many couples in Pennsylvania grow their families through the use of assisted reproductive technology, or ART for short. There's no right or wrong way to build a family and many people are curious about ART. So, what is assisted reproductive technology?

IVF Law in Pennsylvania

Rapid developments in medical and reproductive technologies are raising new and complex legal issues in family law throughout the United States, including Pennsylvania. Many couples experiencing difficulties with conceiving have increasingly turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproduction technologies.

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