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How Do I Obtain Primary Custody of My Child in Pennsylvania?

The process of obtaining primary custody of a child in Pennsylvania will vary depending on the county in which the case is brought. The first step in commencing custody proceedings in any county is to file a Complaint for Custody. Most counties require both parties attend an educational component on co-parenting before the custody process can proceed. Some counties require children of certain ages to attend, while other counties do not. So what if you live out-of-state or cannot attend a co-parenting class for some other reason? Depending on the reasoning, your attorney may be able to have the educational component bypassed. Alternatively, some judges will allow a party to complete a similar co-parenting course in their home county, and others may even allow for completion of an online course if good cause is shown. Generally, however, judges are hesitant to waive this requirement and will not allow a case to proceed until completed by both parties.

Parenting Plans in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania parenting plan or custody agreement allows parents who agree on the custody of their children to forgo going to court to fight about the custody of their child. A Pennsylvania custody agreement can be used post-divorce or post-separation of the parents.

If I file for custody in Allegheny County, will my children get to decide where they live?

Parents involved in a custody case in Pittsburgh will often ask at what age their kids can decide which parent they want to live with. Maybe your daughter has said she'd rather live with Mom. Will an Allegheny County judge let the children choose which parent they want to live with?

Malicious Parent Syndrome and Child Custody in Pennsylvania

"Malicious Parent Syndrome", or "Malicious Mother Syndrome" as it's sometimes known, is characterized by extreme behavior on the part of a parent during custody and divorce proceedings. Men and women in Pennsylvania can suffer from this syndrome and it's impact can be felt throughout custody proceedings.

BIG Changes to Grandparent Standing in PA, Part II

Yesterday's blog pertained to the 2015 landmark PA case of Ponko v. Ponko, and the effect it had on Pa. 23 § 5325(2), the statute governing grandparent standing in PA. You can find Part I here if you missed it.

BIG Changes to Grandparent Standing in PA, Part I

In Pennsylvania, Grandparents are provided standing in limited circumstances if it is determined to be in the best interests of the child. 23 Pa. C.S.A. § 5325 provides grandparents standing for partial physical custody or supervised physical custody in the following situations:

The Basics: Child Custody in Pennsylvania

People often become confused and overwhelmed when they are considering filing for custody. How do I file for custody? Can I do that? Can the other parent take my child? Does the other parent have to know about this? You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed. This blog post will explain some of the basics of child custody here in Pennsylvania based on commonly asked questions.

Facing The Holidays Anew After Your Pennsylvania Divorce

Many families in Pennsylvania are about to experience the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season for the first time since their divorce or separation. Yes the holiday season may not be the same but it can still be filled with love and laughter and is the opportunity to build new memories and holiday traditions.

A child's preference and Pennsylvania's custody law

When the court attempts to fashion a custody order parents often try to argue for more custodial time by insisting that the child/children prefers to live with them as opposed to the other parent. This begs the question; is a court in Pennsylvania likely to consider a child's preference for one parent over the other?

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