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Who gets to keep the dog after a divorce or separation in Pennsylvania?

March 16, 2020

Custody of pets in Pennsylvania after divorce or separation Clients who are separating from their partner or spouse in Pennsylvania often ask us who gets to keep the dog after their relationship has ended.  Courts across the U.S. have increasingly been tasked with determining whether pets are property or family and whether the family courts …

How Will Divorce Affect My Health Insurance in PA?

March 13, 2020

Before you take the leap and move forward with a divorce, you probably want to be sure that you have all of your affairs in order. One of the most overlooked aspects of divorce is what will happen with your health insurance, as you and your spouse are likely on the same health insurance plan.  …

Things to Know about Allegheny County Family Court

February 17, 2020

If you have an upcoming appearance at Allegheny County family court, or expect that you will need to file a family law action at this Pennsylvania family court house, it may be helpful to you to understand what types of cases this court handles and what to expect from your action.  We have provided this …

What to Do if Your Child Is Taken by Child Protective Services in PA

January 9, 2020

Having a child taken by child protective services is every parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s important to remember that Pennsylvania’s child protective services division has your child’s best interests at heart. If your children have been taken, there is a reason. The best way to regain custody of your children is to enlist the services …

PA Divorce: What if My Spouse Will Not Sign the Divorce Papers? 

December 10, 2019

Once you have decided that you are ready for your marriage to be over, you might let out a sigh of relief. But before you become too settled, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that your spouse may not be quite so willing to let the marriage end.  If your spouse is refusing to …

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