Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Should I get a prenuptial (prenup) agreement ?

Many couples don't know the difference between a Pennsylvania prenuptial agreement and a Pennsylvania cohabitation agreement and are often left wondering if they should even bother getting one. Both types of agreements allow each person in the relationship to protect themselves and their rights as the relationship moves forward. There is a difference as to when a couple should enter into a prenuptial agreement and when a couple should use a cohabitation agreement.

What do I do if I don't like his or her fiancé(e) ? Speaking up and suggesting a prenuptial agreement

You may want to suggest a Pennsylvania prenuptial agreement (or prenup) to a family member or friend who recently got engaged when you've noticed some red-flags about their soon to be spouse. This is a sensitive issue. If you've already noticed red flags about your loved one's or friend's fiance(e), such as controlling behaviors or disputes about money, broach this topic with them carefully.

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