British Woman and Her Cats Celebrate 11th “Marriage” Anniversary

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By Lisa Marie Vari on Google+

Many people love their pets and consider them part of their family but that is usually not enough to make newspaper headlines. Yet Barbarella Buchner from the U.K. was just featured in British tabloids due to her love of her pets. However, her story is interesting because she has been married to her cats for over 10 years! Bucher married her two tabby cats, Lugosi and Spider, on January 9, 2004 making this year their 11th year anniversary. To learn more about this quite unique story, keep reading today’s blog by your Pennsylvania Family Lawyers.

Bucher states that the cats, which are now 15 years old, are the loves of her life. She adopted the pair in 2000 and four years later, after a breakup from a long-time boyfriend, Buchner realized that the cats were her soul mates and the loves of her life. After coming to this realization she decided to make it official, or as official as a human and two cat marriage can be. Buchner found and ordered a marriage certificate from a website that facilitates interspecies nuptials. She explained that it was all done online, there was no ceremony but she did tell the cats that she was going to marry them before ordering the certificate.

Bucher explains in an interview to the Huffington Post that the marriage is for fun only and not legal or recognized in any country. They are her animal companions and not her boyfriends; however, the love she feels for them is just as deep as what one can feel for another human. She stated that she had never been married to a human before but believes that the love she would feel toward another human would be the same or similar to the love she has for her cats. Bucher stated that it is simply a pure, spiritual, unconditional love, much like the way a parent loves a child.

Bucher also states that she knows many devoted cat lovers who spoil their cats the same way she does but they would not go as far as to marry them. However, she does not believe that there is much of a difference in the relationship between the cat owner and their cats and her relationship with her cats. She stated that they spent their anniversary at home in the Spanish island of Lanzarote with her other cat Ruby, which Bucher is not married to.

This is a very interesting way to show your love for your pet; however, as previously stated no country or state would recognize such a marriage. If you have any questions about marriage laws in the state of Pennsylvania we encourage you to contact our Allegheny County Family Law Attorneys at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates. Our attorneys are here to help you and your family with any PA family law questions you may have.