Butler County Family Law Attorney

Are you having trouble working through a legal matter involving your family? If so, a qualified family law attorney in Butler County may be able to help.

Some of the most delicate legal issues out there are those involving the family. Guardianship, adoption, domestic violence, divorce, child support, and child custody issues are all quite common causes of disputes in Pennsylvania family courts. 

If you are interested in resolving these issues so you and your family can continue moving forward with your lives, a respected Butler County family law attorney at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. may be the right choice for you.

Divorce in Butler County, Pennsylvania

One of the most common reasons people find themselves looking for a family lawyer is because their marriage has come to an end and they are headed for divorce. You may need an attorney if you are going through a divorce to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. 

Whether your spouse is determined to keep all of your most valuable assets or you have to seek spousal support since you spent your marriage caring for your children and your household, divorce can become messy very quickly if you do not have a lawyer who can keep the peace while remaining firm on what is best for you. 

You might also need a divorce lawyer if you have reason to believe your marriage should be declared void in an annulment. In any case where your relationship has come to an end, you may want to consider reaching out to a qualified divorce lawyer in Butler County.

Child Custody and Support Disputes in Butler County

Few family law issues are more sensitive than those involving child custody and support. Many families are under the impression that the two go hand in hand, when they are actually completely separate matters. However, your child custody agreement will certain impact the amount of child support ordered in your case.

In cases where parents enter into a shared physical custody arrangement, for example, and the child or children spend 50 percent of the time at each parent’s residence, it is possible that no child support order would be issued, as both parents would be financially responsible for the children during their time.

However, if there is a custodial parent and a noncustodial parent, meaning you are in a joint custody arrangement or a visitation arrangement, a child support order will almost always be implemented. 

It is also possible that you already have a child support or custody order and you are interested in modifying your order or fighting a modification. Our firm can assist you in any family issues that involve your children and ensure that their interests always remain a top priority.

Speak with a Family Law Attorney in Butler County

Whether you are trying to figure out how to obtain a PA divorce, struggling to work through your child custody or support issues, or facing some other legal matter that involves family, an experienced Butler County family law attorney may be able to help. 

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