Butler County Child Support Lawyer

When you are struggling to work with your child’s other parent to come to an agreement surrounding your child support plan, a qualified dependent support lawyer in Butler County may be able to help. 

Are you trying to figure out how to compel your child’s other parent to assist in supporting your child financially? Have you had a child support order taken out against you that requires legal representation? Unfortunately, child support cases are some of the most volatile types of disputes a family can go through

More often than not, one parent will feel as though they are being taken advantage of, whether they are paying or receiving support. When you want to keep the peace for your children but also want to ensure you are not being taken advantage of, a highly trained Butler County child support lawyer at Lisa Marie Varie & Associates, PC could assist you with your case. 

Custody and Child Support Payments 

Your child custody agreement will almost certainly have an impact on your Butler County child support case. In most cases, the custodial parent will receive child support from the noncustodial parent, but since the Pennsylvania family court system often encourages families to come to a 50/50 shared custody agreement, child support payments can be more complicated. 

For instance, if both Butler County parents are spending 50 percent of their time raising their children, it’s possible that a child support order would not be necessary if both parents earn the same amount of money. But if one parent earns more than the other, the lesser-earning spouse may be able to secure child support from the higher-earning spouse. 

PA Child Support Guidelines

No matter what your Butler County child custody plan is, one thing is certain: Both parents have a financial obligation to their children, regardless of whether they have a relationship with their child or choose not to take advantage of quality time with their child. The PA child support guidelines take a look at the monthly income of each parent and what each parent’s financial obligation will be, based on their income. 

With that being said, there are other factors that can influence the amount of your Butler County child support order, including the costs of health insurance for the children, daycare expenses, extracurricular activities, medical expenses not covered by health insurance, and several other applicable costs. If one parent has a new spouse, or if either parent has other children and financial obligations to those children, the amount of child support can vary considerably. 

Contact a Child Support Lawyer in Butler County

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