Celebrating the End of the Pennsylvania Divorce Process

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A divorce is frequently a stressful and often saddening time for many people. Our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys can provide comprehensive counsel for you at all stages of the process, including after the divorce is finalized. Just as everyone handles the various steps in the divorce process differently, our Pennsylvania Family Lawyers see a range of emotions from our clients when their case is finally concluded. For instance, many feel that the conclusion of their divorce is cause for celebration – time to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life. An increasingly popular way to celebrate this milestone is a “divorce party.”

There’s nothing like a party to brighten your spirits and celebrate your new beginning with friends and family. If you’re recently divorced you may want to start planning a celebration, and you may event want to start the celebrations this holiday weekend.

According to Kevin Chern, the President of Total Attorneys, the key to a successful divorce party is to nix the stress. You’re celebrating the end of an often stressful and emotional process, so the celebration should reflect the beginning of your new less stressful life!

You’ll want to take care of as many things as possible in advance, and maybe even consider having your party catered or making it a pot luck! Invite friends and family who were most supportive during the process as a way to thank them for all they’ve done. Most importantly, remember that you are celebrating the beginning to a new, happier part of your life.

Here are some additional tips for your divorce party:

Send invitations with plenty of advanced notice.
Invite supportive friends.
Choose lighthearted and fun décor.
Choose an appropriate theme, such as famous exes throughout history (such as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, or Henry VIII and…well, you have a lot of choices there).
While a party is an excellent way to celebrate the end of your divorce experience, it’s important to remember that even though your divorce is final, you’ll want to take care to tie up any loose ends remaining at the end of the divorce process. For more information about the divorce process or things you should do after a divorce, contact our Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates.