Celebrity Spousal Support: How Would Pennsylvania Handle It?

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore broke up officially last year, but it has taken until now for the divorce complaint and response to be filed. Although both are extremely wealthy Demi Moore is requesting Spousal Support from Ashton Kutcher. She is also requesting that he pay her attorney’s fees, even though her net worth is higher than his own. It is extremely unlikely that a court would grant the requested support because the “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” star has buckets of money. However, the two are reportedly in the process of settling, and this is a tactic her attorneys are using to try to negotiate a more favorable settlement from the 6 years marriage. Neither Moore, worth a reported $150 million nor Kutcher, close with an estimated worth of $140 million, will almost certainly not be scrounging during the divorce process.

In Pennsylvania, spousal support is used as a means of supporting a dependent spouse, and it takes into account the spouse’s income, earning capacity, and other property and financial resources. It is not a means of punishing one party or the other for misconduct (although marital misconduct is one of the many factors taken into account). It must be fair, and it must take into account how the parties stand financially at the time. In other words, there must be some level of need for a Pennsylvania Court to award spousal support. Demi would probably be out of luck in this state.

For those who are not starring in blockbuster movies and TV shows, spousal support (and later APL, if possible) can be an important tool for making ends meet and feeding your family. Contact our experienced divorce attorneys today to talk about your unique case, and the steps that you can take to protect your family!

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