Charlie Sheen Files for Support Modification

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Charlie Sheen has petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking a reduction in his monthly child support payments to Brooke Mueller paid in support of the former couple’s twins, Bob and Max. Sheen currently pays $55,000 per month and has stated in his petition that a modification of that amount his appropriate due to a dramatic decrease in monthly income from the time the agreement was reached.

The $55,000 payment is part of an agreed-upon Divorce Settlement entered into by Sheen and Mueller in 2011. Sheen’s filing estimates that his monthly income has dropped from more than $600,000 to $167,000 after a sale of his profit rights to “Two and a Half Men.” In determining Sheen’s eligibility for a modification of support, the court will likely consider the sum he received in return for his sale of those profits.

Although Sheen’s circumstances are, to say the least, impossible to relate to for almost every Pennsylvanian, the process for seeking a modification of a previously entered Order for child or spousal support are very similar. If you have experienced a decrease in income and are paying or receiving monthly child support payments, it is important to act fast to ensure you receive the full reduction amount that you may be entitled to.

A court can modify a child support order if either parent experiences a material and substantial change in circumstances. Upon petition for modification, much like an initial determination of an amount appropriate for child support, the court will consider the monthly income of both parties and assess whether either party is entitled to a modification.

If you are a party to a Pennsylvania Order for child support and think that you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances warranting a modification of that order, contact our office today to discuss your options!