A K-1 Visa is also knows as a fiancée visa. A U.S. Citizen may petition the government to allow his or her fiancée to enter the country as a K-1 visa holder so that they may be married. Typically, the couple must have met in person in the two years preceding the application. The couple must marry within 90 days of receiving an approved visa. Before marrying, the couple may be subject to entrance interviews conducted by the Immigration Agency. After marriage, the K-1 Visa holder must apply for permanent citizenship.

There is a possibility to circumvent the meeting requirement by applying for a K-1 visa waiver. Under this waiver, the couple must prove there was an extreme hardship that prevented a meeting form taking place. This is a very difficult burden to prove, however. Simply arguing that finances prevented the meeting will not suffice. For example, a couple may argue that there is some sort of medical condition that prevents frequent travelling, or something similar when applying for the waiver.

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