Can a PA Family Court require marriage counseling?

Yes. Marriage counseling in PA family law cases can be required by the Pennsylvania family court judge.  The judge may require up to three marriage counseling sessions with a qualified marriage counselor within a three to four month period in the following cases:

  1. the Pennsylvania fault-based ground of indignities is used as grounds for the divorce and marriage counseling is requested by either spouse;
  2. the Pennsylvania no-fault ground for divorce is used and marriage counseling is requested by either spouse; and
  3. in certain cases where there are children of the marriage under sixteen years old.

In PA child custody cases, the court has the power to require both parents and any children over a certain age to attend counseling, educational seminars, or other sessions dealing with child custody issues.

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The statements in this section are based on Pennsylvania law and have been issued to inform and not advise. The statements are general in nature and individual facts in a given case may alter their application or involve other laws not referred to here.

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