What should a party do prior to separating from their spouse or parent of their children?

Prior to any separation, a party should copy important documents and consult with our Pittsburgh divorce attorneys. A separation can negatively impact child custody, spousal support, child support and other family law matters so it is highly advisable to seek the professional advice of a family law attorney before making final arrangements to separate from your spouse or parent of your children.

Our Pittsburgh law office accepts Pennsylvania family law cases including divorce, equitable distribution, spousal support, alimony pendente lite, alimony, paternity and child support matters, child custody cases, juvenile law cases, and related matters in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, Butler County, Berks County, Clearfield County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County (Greensburg). Our law firm accepts Pennsylvania family law cases from other Pennsylvania counties including Armstrong County (Kittanning) Clarion County, Fayette County, Greene County, Indiana County, Lawrence County, Mercer County, Somerset County, and Venango County on a case-by-case basis.


The statements in this section are based on Pennsylvania law and have been issued to inform and not advise. The statements are general in nature and individual facts in a given case may alter their application or involve other laws not referred to here.

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