Child Support Payments PA

One of the most difficult issues to resolve when you separate from your child’s other parent is the question of child support. Whether you are going to be the parent ordered to pay child support or the parent receiving child support, you likely have many questions about what you should expect to happen as your case moves through the Pennsylvania family court system.

For this reason, we have addressed some of the answers to these concerns below. If you have other family law questions that have not been answered here, you can give our office a call to further discuss your case.

Who Is Required to Pay Child Support?

Both parents, regardless of their child custody arrangement, will be obligated to provide financial support for their children. However, in the majority of cases, the noncustodial parent, or the one who the children do not primarily reside with, will be the parent who is ordered to pay child support.

In a shared physical custody arrangement, this may not be the case, so you will want to discuss your child support situation with your attorney.

How Child Support Payments Are Calculated

There are many different factors that will be considered when the PA family courts calculate the amount of child support that will be paid. Some of these considerations might include your child custody arrangement, how much both parents earn, what both parents’ living expenses amount to, and which parent is paying for child care and health insurance, to name a few.

The child support guidelines formula provided by the state of Pennsylvania will be of assistance when you are interested in figuring out how much you can expect to pay or receive once your child support order has been established.

Talk to a PA Child Support Attorney to Help Your Family

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