Modification, Enforcement & Contempt

Need to Change or Modify Your Florida Family Court Order?

Spouses, former spouses and parents have the right to seek modifications of a Final Judgment in Florida child custody, spousal support, or child support cases if their financial situations including employment or income, their living circumstances have changed, or they believe their children’s best interests are not be considered and the new factual situation can be considered to be a “substantial change of circumstances.” If you feel that your current child custody or support situation is not meeting your needs or those of your family, consult with our Florida family law attorneys who can assist you in modifying a final judgment.

Enforcement and Contempt of Florida Family Court Orders

In Florida, spousal support and child support enforcement is accomplished initially through the entry of an Income Deduction Order (IDO). An Income Deduction Order is an order of court that is sent to the employer of a person who owes child support payments requiring that the employer deduct the amount owed for support from the employee’s wages and send it directly to the court’s central depositor who will in turn forward the payments to the person entitled to receive them. If a spouse or parent who owes support fails to make their support payments through an Income Deduction Order or through direct payments, that parent or spouse can be found in contempt of court.

If the Family Court finds the respondent in a support action in contempt of court, the respondent can be jailed, have a lien placed against their assets including real estate, automobiles or other property, have their Florida driver’s license suspended, have any IRS tax refunds intercepted, have a hold placed on any money in bank accounts and then forwarded to the petitioner or have other penalties imposed by the Florida family court.

Appeal of Dade County Family Court Final Judgments

There is a very limited amount of time that a dissatisfied party has in order to file an appeal from a Florida Family Court Judge’s Final Judgment. This limited amount of time for appeal holds true also in cases involving recommendations or orders from Family Court Masters and Hearing Officers. A Final Judgment may be incapable of being reviewed once the time period for appeal has expired. For this reason, it is very important for a party who believes that a Family Court Order is entered in error to immediately contact an experienced Florida family law appellate attorney to weigh whether an appeal is in the client’s best interests.Click here to learn about Attorney Vari’s appellate family law experience.

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