Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ In Midst of Divorce

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It is not uncommon to hear and read about celebrity divorces. It is not so common, however, to hear about celebrity divorces that are ending on good terms. Well, Patrick Dempsey, best known as ‘McDreamy’ in the hit television drama Grey’s Anatomy, is one of the few celebrities that is attempting to end his marriage on good terms. In today’s blog, your Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers discuss the latest celebrity divorce.

According to reports Dempsey’s wife of over 15 years, Jillian Fink, the owner of a hair salon, filed for divorce last weekend. In her Petition for Dissolution of Marriage it is reported that “irreconcilable differences” was listed as the reason for the divorce.

Reports have also indicated that Fink has requested that the court grant her and Dempsey joint custody of the couple’s three minor children, Tallulah, 12, and 7 year old twins, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick. Additionally, she is seeking child support and spousal support, most commonly known as alimony.

In a recent interview with People magazine, the couple stated, “It is with mutual respect and careful consideration that we arrived at the decision of ending of our marriage. Our main concern is still the well-being of all our children and we are asking with gratitude that all of you respect the privacy of our family during this sensitive time.”

Based on the facts that have been revealed thus far it seems as if this couple will be settling their marriage outside of the courtroom. It is not clear if they will be entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement or attempting to settle at Mediation, but with either route they will save themselves plenty of time, money, and stress.

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