Is Divorce your New Year’s Resolution?

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Were you holidays ruined because of a fight with your spouse or the lack of clarity in a custody schedule for your children? Did you pass on holiday parties to avoid having family and friends see the tension between you and your significant other? Are you ready to start fresh for 2017? Are you tired of fielding questions at the holiday dinner table about why you’re never allowed to spend time with your family? Did you notice a present on the joint credit card statement that didn’t end up under the tree this year? If any of this is true about you, it might be time to consider speaking to an attorney about a divorce or other family law proceeding. In a way, we suggest making it your New Year’s resolution to give yourself a fresh start and a fresh outlook on life in 2017.

Many people contemplate divorce especially after the holiday season. Did you know that on average, more divorce complaints are filed in the first week of January than any other time of year? But many people are not sure if they should proceed with the divorce or try to stick it out. For your own peace of mind, we suggest you consult with an attorney get an idea of what your options are and what the next steps might be. Whether your questions have to do with custody, support or property distribution, if you live in Western Pennsylvania and you have questions about whether divorce is the right choice for you, contact our Pittsburgh office today and look forward to a happier 2017!