Is the Fourth of July covered in your Pennsylvania Child Custody Order?

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Is the Fourth of July covered in your Pennsylvania Child Custody Order?
By Lisa Marie Vari of Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. posted in Child Custody on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

By: Lisa Marie Vari

We are well in the midst of summer and believe it or not the Fourth of July just days away! If you’re like me you were caught a little off guard by how quickly July snuck up on us. If the Fourth of July holiday isn’t mentioned in your Pennsylvania Child Custody arrangment and you haven’t already made plans with your other co-parent, we strongly advise you to discuss your holiday plans so conflict doesn’t arise this weekend.

The main way this could cause a conflict is if you alternate weekends and next weekend is not your weekend with your children. Additionally, if the other co-parent had your children last year for the holiday you may feel much more entitled to a weekend or at least a Friday switch this year. If you feel like this will cause a significant amount of tension between you and the other co-parent, you should seriously consider modifying your existing custody order. Modification is a simple process that requires you to go through the court’s generation’s program.

Since you already have a court order, you most likely have already been through the educational generations seminar and therefore can schedule mediation right away. If you and the other co-parent can flush out a better, more efficient and detailed custody schedule in the mediation, the agreement you settle upon will be turned into a new court order. Another tip to focus on is to account for the fact that holidays will land on weekends and these weekends should associate with the parent who has custody of the child for the given holiday.

It is also important, when having conversations about holidays and custody, to keep your children out of the line of fire. Especially if you know there is going to be tension between you and the other co-parent, you should work very hard to not let your children hear the conversations or experience any of the stress or tension the situation has caused. Holidays are even more exciting and fun for children, and it is important to keep their spirits high.

If you are a Western Pennsylvania resident and seeking to modify your current child custody order, we encourage you to contact our office today. Whether you need to modify only the holiday schedule or want to modify the entire arrangement, we can provide you with the guidance and representation in your attempt to modify the arrangement. Call us today!

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