Keys for Settling your Case During a Pennsylvania Mediation

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By Lisa Marie Vari on Google+

Mediation can be a great tool to resolve a Pennsylvania family law case. The purpose of mediation is to bring disputing parties together to allow them to attempt to resolve their issues without having to rely on the court system. In today’s blog, our Western Pennsylvania family lawyers provide some pointers for having a successful mediation.

The goal of mediation is resolution. The process is controlled by the parties with the guidance of a mediator. A mediator controls the conversations and keeps the parties on track when trying to resolve important issues. Mediators do not attempt to make decisions for the parties, instead, mediators want to help the parties resolve any disputes by themselves. That being said, working with your lawyer to hire a mediator that will help you reach a settlement.

Mediation can be a useful tool for many different types of disputes. In PA family law cases, mediation can be used for child custody disputes, divorces, or even to assist in elder care. For custody, people will often use mediation to craft a physical custody schedule. The parties may also discuss how they will address other issues such as school activities or holiday custody schedules. Make sure to take advantage of the opportunity the process offers you to craft your own settlement instead of allowing a judge to decide your future.

Any party in a dispute ask to go to mediation. Mediation is always a voluntary process, and no one can be forced to participate. As a party to a case you should speak with your lawyer about the pros and cons of attending mediation. In my experience there have always been more positives than negatives associated with attending mediation so I frequently advise my clients to at least attempt to reach a settlement during the process.

Overall, mediation can be a great tool for those looking to settle a dispute out of court. It saves clients time, money, and stress. If you are interested in settling your Pennsylvania family law case via mediation, or for more information on mediation and how it can help you, contact our office today.