Khole Kardashian and Lamar Odom Suspend Divorce Proceedings After Odom is Found Unconscious in a Las Vegas Brothel

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Typically overdosing on herbal stimulants and cocaine in a Nevada brothel signals the end of a marriage not the beginning of a reconciliation. However, as we know, the Kardashians are never the type to do what is expected. Over the past few weeks, the Kardashians (specifically sister Khloe) have found their way back onto the front pages of gossip magazines as a result of estranged Kardiashian in-law and star NBA, Lamar Odom being found unconscious on the brothel outside of Las Vegas earlier this month. Despite a pending divorce action, Khloe and her family members rushed to Odom’s Cedars-Sinai hospital bed after he was life-flighted to the Los Angeles hospital unconscious. The events became even more dramatic when various news outlets broke the news that despite reports, Odom and Kardashian were, in fact, still legally married.

Kardashian’s and Odom’s marriage was documented in various reality television shows over the past several years. Kardashian filed for divorce from Odom in 2013. After a protracted litigation, the parties signed their final paperwork in July 2015. However, despite the passage of more than three months, the parties divorce was not yet finalized in California courts when Kardashian got the call informing her that Odom was currently unconscious and in critical condition.

Like California, Pennsylvania divorce cases cannot be finalized by the signatures of the parties without more work by attorneys behind the scenes. Under Pennsylvania law, a no-fault divorce proceeding will take a minimum of four to five months to process. This minimum assumes that there are limited economic, support and custody issues that can easily settled by the parties. Pennsylvania no-fault divorce law requires that the parties wait at least ninety days after a Complaint in Divorce is served before proceeding. Once this ninety-day period has elapsed, the parties must both sign an Affidavit of Consent and Waiver of Notice of Intent to Request the Entry of a Divorce Decree. If the non-filing party does not waive their notice, then they must receive a Notice of Intention to Request the Entry of a Divorce Decree. This notice requirement adds an additional twenty days onto the waiting period. Once theses documents are filed, the burden falls on the attorneys to ensure they file the necessary paperwork to transmit the court record and request the entry of the divorce decree. After the lawyers formally request the entry of a Divorce Decree, it can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on a number of factors including county and time of year for a divorce decree to be entered.

Reports from California indicate that the reason for the delay in finalizing the Kardashian-Odom divorce resulted from a judicial backlog. However, any number of different factors can delay divorces in any state including Pennsylvania. This delay was lucky for Kardashian and Odom because it led to a reconciliation and couple had since withdrawn their divorce case. However, without the assistance of skilled and experienced counsel. If you’re looking to ensure that you wish as speedy and simple conclusion to your divorce proceedings, contact our Pittsburgh office today!