Making Big Choices: Election Day and your Family’s Future

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Election Day is tomorrow, and our Pittsburgh family law attorneys remind you to go out and vote in this year’s Presidential Election! Voting for a Presidential candidate is a big choice to make, and one that should not be taken lightly. In our day-to-day lives, we are faced with many big choices. Some of the most important decisions we make involve our family members and loved ones.

Once a couple gets married, they begin to make decisions as a pair, taking the other person’s opinions and thoughts into consideration before reaching a conclusion. Choosing where to live, opening a joint bank account, and getting a first mortgage are decisions that married couples must take seriously, and make together.

If you have children, making big decisions on your children’s behalf when they are young and helping them make life decisions on their own as they grow up becomes the most important aspect of your life. No decision involving your child’s life and future is ever taken lightly, and there are few decisions a parent has to make on behalf of his or her child where emotions are not running high.

Choosing an attorney is no small task either. But when it comes to family law, you want to make sure that your attorney understands the importance of your family’s future and works to achieve the best result given your family situation.

To assist you in this process, we have provided some common FAQ’s regarding family law issues:

What is “Family Law?”

Family Law is not just divorce. Although divorce and equitable distribution are a large part of any family law practice, there are many other family law matters that our firm regularly handles. These include child custody, child support, spousal support, paternity, adoption, and domestic violence cases. Visit our website for more detailed information on these types of cases in Pennsylvania.

Can family law cases be resolved outside of the courtroom? Does this happen often?

Yes. Many if not most cases are resolved outside of the courtroom. This is done through tailored and specific agreements between the parties on the issues they are attempting to resolve. This alternative to courtroom litigation is beneficial in family law, as an agreement is drafted with the particular family’s interests in mind.

How do I know I can trust my family law attorney with my family’s best interests?

This is the role of a family law attorney: creating a relationship of trust with the client. Although one attorney only represents one spouse or one parent, the goal of the representation is to create an amicable setting where resolution is possible through communication and compromise with the opposing party and his or her attorney. At the end of the day, many of our family law clients realize that maintaining a civil relationship with their ex-spouse or the parent of their children may benefit them not only in resolving their case, but in future interactions as well.

Family law attorneys also have to be great listeners. No two cases are the same, and what one client wants out of their divorce or child custody case might be entirely different than another client. Attorneys with family law clients have to listen to their client’s goals and wishes, and carry out the representation with these things in mind. This type of law is unique, in that family law attorneys are not trying to win a big monetary award or damages for their clients, but are trying to make their client’s transition into the next phase of their lives go as smoothly as possible.

Tomorrow as you vote for a Presidential Candidate, the issues and policies that affect your life and your family member’s lives will be of utmost importance in deciding which candidate to choose. Every single day, you make important decisions about your own family’s future. And when choosing an attorney, make sure you choose one that has the same concern for your own family.