Man Drives Wife’s Car into River During Pennsylvania Divorce

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During divorce proceedings spouses are known to be anything but friendly with each other. They often do things just to get at the other, but this incident which took place in Pennsylvania is one of the most severe revenge cases we’ve read about in a while. On Monday, a Philadelphia who is in the midst of a Pennsylvania divorce proceeding, drove a red Corvette driven by his wife into the Delaware river.

According to reports, police officers received a call on Monday afternoon about a vehicle in the Delaware River. A witness told the police that he saw a man drive to the river bank in a red Corvette, get out of the car and watch that car slide into the river.

Upon arriving at the scene, the 1990 Corvette was found in 30 feet of very dark water. After about two hours of investigations and ensuring that the car had no occupants, they were able to pull it out with the use of a tow truck.

According to reports, investigators determined that the Philadelphia resident had gone to the home of his soon to be ex-wife and taken the car. Currently police are conducting a search for the man, but luckily for him he likely won’t face theft charges because he was on the title to the car and owned it jointly with his wife. He may, however, face some sort of sanctions for violating a Pennsylvania protection from abuse (PFA) order. Police on the scene also indicated that he may face the charge of illegal dumping.

If you are in the middle of Pennsylvania divorce proceedings, please act civilly. Nothing good can come from trying to get back at your soon to be ex-spouse. No matter if you play what you consider to be a harmless prank on him or her, or if you do something more extreme like this man, you may face consequences.

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