Military Divorces in Pennsylvania

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Obtaining a divorce in Pennsylvania if you are a member of the military is no more complicated than if you were obtaining a divorce as a civilian. The complexity of any divorce case is based upon how complex the legal issues in any given case may be; whether custody issues will have to be considered, whether one of the spouses owns a business, what kind of marital assets and property there may be, and so forth.

So while a military divorce is by no means any more complicated than a civilian divorce in Pennsylvania, there are some rules and requirements that apply to service members and their spouses that would otherwise not apply to a civilian divorce.

Unlike a divorce between two civilian spouses, a military divorce will be governed by both federal and state laws. For example, under the Servicemembers Civil Rights Act (SCRA), a service man or woman cannot begin divorce proceedings or be sued while they are on active duty. However just as in a civilian divorce, Pennsylvania state law would govern over alimony and spousal support issues.

Whether you are a service member contemplating a divorce or a member who has been served with divorce papers, you should invest in talking about your case with an experienced family law attorney who not only knows the ins and outs of family law, but who will be aware of all the ways divorce proceedings can vary and what laws may impact a military divorce. There are nuances that can be missed by a general practicing attorney.Contact our firm of experienced family law attorneys to schedule a consultation. Our office offers free half hour consults for active military members with a valid military I.D.