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Supreme Court to hear first oral arguments concerning an abortion statute in nearly a decade. How does the Pennsylvania Law Stack Up to the Texas Law?

Today, the Supreme Court of the Unites States will hear oral argument in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. The Supreme Court will consider whether Texas' H.B. 2 law, a law passed by the Texas legislature in 2013, adopting new regulations restricting access to abortion clinics with the goal of increasing the health and safety of woman.

Supreme Court Rules Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones Illegal

The Supreme Court released another opinion in which the Justices unanimously voted that it is illegal to have 35 foot "buffer zones" around abortion clinics. The decision refers to a Massachusetts law that required protesters to be at least 35 feet away from the entrance to any abortion clinics. Massachusetts, however, is not the only state affected by the ruling. Several states across the country had similar laws, which have all been overturned by this ruling.

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