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The Connection Between your Divorce in Pennsylvania and Bipolar Disorder

If you're dealing with a divorce here in Western Pennsylvania and your soon to be ex-wife or ex-husband has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the process of separating can become even more emotionally difficult. So what do you need to know about divorcing from a spouse who suffers from bipolar disorder?

Competency in Pennsylvania Family Law Cases

When you hear the word "incompetent," you might associate it with a criminal law defendant; the issue of competency, however, is just as relevant in a Pennsylvania family law case. Parties often testify on their own behalf in family law cases, and no matter what field of law, one may not testify if they are deemed incompetent.

Child Protective Services in Pennsylvania: When Does the Court Get Involved?

Having the Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) involved with your child can be a scary experience for any parent. So why are Pennsylvania courts involved in some cases but not others? That can depend on a number of factors and the specifics of your case.

Pennsylvania Wills: Guardianship

In Pennsylvania, as in every state, the purpose of drafting a will is to provide direction to surviving family members regarding what should happen to your personal and real property, and how to care for minor children of the testator. One of the most important aspects of any parent's will , is the appointment of a guardian of his or her minor child(ren). The appointment of a guardian ensures that the parent is able to select who is best able to provide for his or her child in the event that he or she becomes unable to.

Election Season Brings New Faces to the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

The crisp November air has blown in another election day, and with it a new cast of faces to the local Court of Common Pleas. In Allegheny County particularly, most newly elected judges are assigned to the Family Division. Family law is unique in that more often than not litigants find their way before judges very soon after filing a complaint in custody or divorce. In Western Pennsylvania, family law judges often see the same families year after year and get to know their cases in a way that judges in other divisions rarely do. With Allegheny County's "one judge one family" policy, judges tend to know and understand cases that are assigned to them as well as the lawyers who represent the parties. This policy also ensures that the judge assigned to the case will address all of the issues in the case, and that any case involving same parents or parent will be assigned to the same judge. This practice ensures that the judge making the real time decision on the case is aware of all of the moving parts. Our firm and our clients appreciate the hard work and discipline these newly elected judges will without a doubt bring to their tenures.

Annulment in Pennsylvania

There are two categories of marriages that provide grounds for annulment in Pennsylvania. First, there are marriages that are considered void by their existence. Second, there are marriages that are voidable upon action of either party. The difference with voidable marriages is they are considered valid until either party takes action.

Child Custody Schedules in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, parents may split custody of children in several ways. For example, both parents may want to have an equal amount of time with their children, and may decide shared custody is the best approach for them. This would allow each parent to have the children for 50% of the time. For other parents, this type of schedule might not work. One parent may take primary custody of the children while the other has partial custody. This would allow the children to spend more than half of the time with one parent, while still being able to see the other parent on a regular basis. 

Valentine's Day Post-Divorce: Define it Broadly!

Happy Valentine's Day from our Allegheny County Family Law Attorneys!  With our law practice centered around family law, many of our clients are going through their first, or one of their first Valentine's Days post-divorce, which makes this day seem less-than-exciting.  Our challenge to everyone today, whether in a relationship or not, is to remember the purpose of this day.  The heart-shaped candies and cards full of hearts are not coincidental - they are there as a symbol of love and a reminder about what this day is really about.  Sure, most think of Valentine's Day as a day for romantic love, but love comes in many shapes and sizes. 

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