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Child Support for Unemancipated Adult Children in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, child support obligations typically cease when a child reaches the age of majority, 18. However, in certain circumstances, such as when the child has disabilities, the obligation can continue. In these cases, both the parent paying child support and the parent receiving it, need to consider whether child support payments might affect the child's eligibility for Medicaid.

Modification of Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania

Many times, parents who are both receiving or paying child support payments ask when a child support payment amount can be changed. When there is an existing Court Order for child support, either party may petition that court for a modification of child support. The Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines provide that a modification of a child support payment is appropriate when a party can show a material and substantial change in circumstances.

Charlie Sheen Files for Support Modification

Charlie Sheen has petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking a reduction in his monthly child support payments to Brooke Mueller paid in support of the former couple's twins, Bob and Max. Sheen currently pays $55,000 per month and has stated in his petition that a modification of that amount his appropriate due to a dramatic decrease in monthly income from the time the agreement was reached.

Arizona Governor Proposes Controversial Plan to Punish "Deadbeat" Dads

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