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How Credit Card Debt Can Affect Your Pennsylvania Divorce

Are you going through a divorce here in Pennsylvania and suspect your spouse may have run up credit card debt? What can you do to protect yourself if you think your husband or wife is running up the credit card bills and you want a divorce?

Bitcoins and Divorce in Pennsylvania

Obtaining a divorce in Pennsylvania requires a full disclosure of all marital assets and debts so that the court can decide who gets what (a process known as equitable distribution). A spouse trying to hide money from their soon to be ex is nothing new of course, but with the rise of bitcoins finding these hidden funds has become more complicated. 

Getting Divorced in Pennsylvania, How Does the Court View an Affair?

Whether you've made the difficult choice to proceed with divorce because your spouse had an affair or whether you yourself had an affair, you may be wondering, how do the courts in Pennsylvania view an affair?

Is Divorce your New Year's Resolution?

Were you holidays ruined because of a fight with your spouse or the lack of clarity in a custody schedule for your children? Did you pass on holiday parties to avoid having family and friends see the tension between you and your significant other? Are you ready to start fresh for 2017? Are you tired of fielding questions at the holiday dinner table about why you're never allowed to spend time with your family? Did you notice a present on the joint credit card statement that didn't end up under the tree this year? If any of this is true about you, it might be time to consider speaking to an attorney about a divorce or other family law proceeding. In a way, we suggest making it your New Year's resolution to give yourself a fresh start and a fresh outlook on life in 2017.

The Tax Implications of Divorce in Pennsylvania

A common concern among people going through a divorce is what the tax implications of divorce are. Obviously this is not the first concern to come to mind when dealing with divorce matters, but it is a critical consideration nonetheless. Discussed below are the varied filing statuses and the tax consequences are for each option.

Success of Pennsylvania Marriages: Place Your Bets!

Would you bet that your Pennsylvania marriage will last forever? Swanluv is willing to take that bet. What's Swanluv? The new Seattle, Washington-based startup company is set to begin operating next month, in February 2016. Their business model is not only unique, but likely the first of it's kind.

Can I "Take Back" My Divorce

Many individuals in the throes of a divorce hope and pray for a reconciliation. Although this does not often come, occasionally, love does conquer all, and parties reconcile. In the best case scenario, this happens before the parties have spent a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard earned money in obtaining a divorce and well before a divorce is final. However, sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and parties reconcile after a final divorce decree is entered. For some, returning to life as usual minus the wedding ring is an acceptable compromise, and some use this as an opportunity to throw a lavish re-marriage wedding. However, in certain cases, the most beneficial solution is to vacate or "take back" the divorce decree. But is that legal?

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