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Resolving Issues of Holiday Custody Between Newly Separated Parents

It's the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. However, as we all know, often even in the most functional families, the holiday season causes tension. In the case of newly separated parents in Pennsylvania and around the country, the holidays can lead to increased conflict and hurt feelings. Parents will often selfishly attempt to withhold custody from the other parent during the holidays to get back at the other parent without thinking about the fact that their focus should be on what is best for their children, especially during the holidays. Although most final court orders will cover how the holidays are divided between the parties, many interim court orders do not. You might be surprised how many emergency motions are presented before judges in Allegheny County and across the state seeking some kind of custody for the holidays. This is why at our office, we encourage our clients to think about holiday custody in advance and even to make their own arrangements regarding custody. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when considering holiday custody arrangements:

House of Horrors? Five tips to help you ensure that Halloween is a Treat for your Kids after a Divorce

1. Work Together- You and your ex may not always agree, but it's important to present a united when it comes to planning major events. Even if you're used to being a single parent most of the time, holidays including Halloween often require you to work together to make sure things run smoothly. Whether is picking out and purchasing a costume, providing transportation or limiting sugar high and tummy aches in kids who are overexcited about king sized candy bars, remember two is better than one. Work together to establish rules and plan for the night.

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