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Alimony and Taxes in Pennsylvania

One issue that is often overlooked by those married individuals seeking a divorce in Pennsylvania is the tax consequences of paying and receiving alimony.

Pennsylvania Divorce Law Update

On October 4, 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that potentially affects pending Divorce cases all over Pennsylvania. Previously in cases of divorce where one person wants the divorce and the other party does not, the party who wants the divorce cannot obtain one until two years after the date of separation. The mandatory two-year waiting period has created a lot of problems for people wishing to get divorced, including legal fees for attempting to move the process along quicker. The initial goal for the two year waiting period was to allow people the chance to reconcile. On the contrary, the requisite waiting period has arguably in many cases, only served to cause more resentment towards the party who will not consent.

Collaborative Divorce: The Alternative to a Traditional Divorce

Though its been used for some time in several states, the process of collaborative divorce is a pretty new concept when it comes to Pennsylvania family law. The process is intended to be more cooperative and usually less-stressful way of getting a divorce. Because divorce can often be a very tough time for those involved, this alternative to taking your case to court can alleviate some of the stress and worry associated with divorce. Collaborative divorce is a process where both spouses work together to achieve the result best for their own situation. Read more to find some information on collaborative divorce in Pennsylvania.

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