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Election Season Brings New Faces to the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

The crisp November air has blown in another election day, and with it a new cast of faces to the local Court of Common Pleas. In Allegheny County particularly, most newly elected judges are assigned to the Family Division. Family law is unique in that more often than not litigants find their way before judges very soon after filing a complaint in custody or divorce. In Western Pennsylvania, family law judges often see the same families year after year and get to know their cases in a way that judges in other divisions rarely do. With Allegheny County's "one judge one family" policy, judges tend to know and understand cases that are assigned to them as well as the lawyers who represent the parties. This policy also ensures that the judge assigned to the case will address all of the issues in the case, and that any case involving same parents or parent will be assigned to the same judge. This practice ensures that the judge making the real time decision on the case is aware of all of the moving parts. Our firm and our clients appreciate the hard work and discipline these newly elected judges will without a doubt bring to their tenures.

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