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Can You Stay Friends After Divorce? Beaver County Lawyer for Divorce

Just a few days ago, Kris Jenner (soon to be Kris Kardashian again?) gave an interview on the Today show where she had nothing but positive things to say about her husband of 22 years. Although the two announced that they would divorce in October, 2013, Kris emphasizes that the two still "talk all the time" and that life was pretty much normal for the family, except that Kris and Bruce are living in different houses. But after 22 years of marriage and two children (not to mention the Brady Bunch-esque melding of the couple's children from previous marriages), is it really possible to have zero animosity going forward? If the two are as amicable as they say, then Kris and Bruce are certainly the exception (especially in Hollywood).

"Celebrities ...They're Just Like Us!" - Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers

Our Pittsburgh Family Lawyers have experience with handling both high-profile and everyday divorces. As our office has learned, the Hollywood lifestyle may differ quite a bit from our reality, but getting divorced is a common experience shared celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Unfortunately, divorce does not discriminate and like any breakup, a celebrity divorce can either be handled in a civil manner or devolve into a destructive mess. Although celebrities face the added struggle of keeping their divorce drama away from the prying eyes of the media, keeping the pain private and civil is good practice for any divorce. The media may not like it, but low conflict - and a low profile - is what's best, especially for children.