PA Woman Faces Criminal Charges for Child Abuse

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Bethel, Pennsylvania resident Lisa Elaine Weiler is facing several criminal charges for a violent incident involving a 14 month old child. Charges against Weiler include Criminal Attempt/Murder of the 1st degree, three counts of Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault and Endangering the Welfare of Children. In today’s blog, your Western PA Criminal Defense Attorneys provide details about the story.

Weiler, who was the babysitter of the 14 month year old child, was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police on October 22. It was reported that the 14-month-old victim was experiencing a brain bleed which was caused by a several head injury. According to reports the child is being treated at Hershey Medical Center for this severe injury and is in critical condition.

According to police records, Weiler told police that the head injury was sustained due to a fall the child experienced while under her supervision. Medical personnel, however, believe the head injury they are treated is not consistent with the fall described.

Due to the conflicting stories, PA police conducted an investigation into the incident and discovered that the victim’s injuries were a direct result of physical abuse inflicted on the child by Weiler. Based on the evidence gathered from this investigation, the Pennsylvania State Attorney has pressed charges against Weiler.

This tragic story serves as a reminder to all parents to be very careful to whom they entrust their children. Stories and news reports like this are far too common in today’s world. In order to be sure that you know all important details about the people caring for your child, consider conducting background checks on any and all potential babysitters. Also, you should ask them for references you can speak to prior to hiring them to care for your child.

Our Allegheny County Criminal Defense Attorneys are truly saddened to learn abuot such a horrible case. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the child and her family in this difficult time.