Parenting Concerns for ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’

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By Lisa Marie Vari on Google+

The reality television stars of the Pennsylvania-based show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ have been in the spot light again recently regarding, not surprisingly, their 8 children. This time the media-attention has arisen because Jon and Kate are having issues co-parenting with each other. In today’s blog your Pittsburgh Child Custody Attorneys discuss this case and give tips for successfully co-parenting after a PA divorce.

According to reports, the difficultly being faced is currently due to anger that is still lingering after the divorce. The couple, who once appeared to have the idea family and relationship, can now barely stand the sight of each other. They criticized each other in the media during the pendency of the divorce in 2009 and this has continued even recently.

When asked about the current situation, Jon has said that he would like to work out the differences with Kate and wants to do so on the television show “Couples Therapy.” He believes that it is in the best interest of their children that they start to get along and work with each other to successfully co-parent. Reports, however, indicate that Kate is still extremely angry with her ex and not willing to appear on the show with him.

Though Jon and Kate’s situation is a little different than most, their struggles to co-parent is something that is experienced by many couples. In almost all of our Pennsylvania family law cases where children are involved our attorneys see either a current co-parenting issue or can anticipate a future issue based on the situation.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind that may help with any current or future co-parenting issues:

  • Open and honest communication is key,
  • Don’t use the child as a pawn or messenger,
  • Be flexible and willing to compromise, and
  • Keep the best interest of the child in mind.

If you are facing any sort of Pittsburgh Family Law situation, contact the Western Pennsylvania child custody attorneys at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates. Our team of lawyers is knowledgeable in all aspects of family law and will be able to provide you with the representation you need throughout your case.