Pennsylvania Custody and Technology

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Our Westmoreland County Divorce Lawyers know that life after divorce can be difficult, and often filled with tension. Particularly in the times directly following the divorce, even seeing the face or hearing the voice of an ex-spouse can cause anxiety.

Our Pennsylvania Family Law Attorneys have found a recent upsurge in the importance of technology and social media in family law matters, including divorce, custody, protection from abuse and spousal support. In so many ways, technology has helped to make our lives easier and more interconnected than ever before. Texting and e-mailing has made communication instantaneous, while at the same time maintaining a distance that is often times valuable for couples going through a divorce

Birthday parties, doctor’s appointments, baseball games, and dance classes can all be discussed over e-mail, or through cloud-based scheduling apps like Google Calendar. There are divorce apps for your smart phone, which can allow you to schedule a time to discuss matters with your spouse remotely, eliminating emotionally charged face-to-face interactions. Many of our clients have found Skype and other means of video chatting to be a valuable tool to interact with their children when the circumstances of their custody arrangement moves thier child across the state, or across the country. Even the Court has caught on to the value of technology when it comes to managing family law issues. The Court routinely encourages familys (and sometimes even mandates) the use of tools like My Family Wizard – a program designed to help parents manage their children’s everyday schedule together. My Family Wizard features a shared calendar function, perfect for communicating about everything from hockey practice to doctor’s appointments.

But technology can also introduce a new set of difficulties, caused by the misunderstandings that come with the lack of face-to-face communications. If you are considering divorce, or thinking about drafting a custody order, contact our Pittsburgh Custody and Divorce lawyers, who will be able to answer your questions and help you to cut down on confusion, both on and off-line!