Add to Your Wedding Plan: Talking About Prenups

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Our Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers are talking about the crazy new wedding in the news today. Extravagant weddings have become so universally discussed that there is even a reality show following the trials and travails of so-called Bridezillas, who plan these weddings. This emphasis on the Bride is starting to change, however. Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, is planning his dream wedding, which he describes as “Victorian Whimsy.”  He is becoming extremely involved in all of the minute aspects of the wedding, from the food, to the steampunk-themed costumes, to the music. The Atlantic Magazine describes Sean Parker as the first “Groomzilla.”

Wedding planning is becoming equal-opportunity, with brides and grooms sharing the responsibility for all details that will make the wedding (and hopefully the eventual marriage) successful. One step to take to be careful about wedding planning is talking to your lawyer about potential options for prenuptial agreements. Especially in the case of Sean Parker, but really for anyone with high assets or businesses or inheritance, a prenuptial agreement is a way to protect yourself, and also your future spouse, through disclosing property and obligations that you may have. A prenuptial agreement, essentially a contract laying out provisions for property division, inheritance, and alimony, will generally be enforced by the Court in the case of death or divorce.

Even if the decision is ultimately to not sign a prenup, it is a good conversation to have with your future spouse. Disclosing the finances is an important prerequisite to marriage. Talking about your financial situation sets a positive tone of trust going into the future, which lasts past the wedding day and thank you notes. Additionally, absent a prenuptial agreement specifying otherwise, an Allegheny County court will treat most assets that are earned after the marriage as belonging jointly to both parties. In the event of divorce, those assets (as well as the increase in value of premarital assets) will be divided equitably between the parties. Being prepared isn’t just preparing a playlist; if you’re going to go all out, take some time to plan for after the last thank you note is sent. Therefore, in the midst of contacting caterers and sampling wedding cakes, contact our team of experienced family law attorneys to discuss what your best option would be!