Friday Divorce Facts: Strangest Divorce Laws in the US

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The process of divorce is far from easy. Whether you are facing a Pennsylvania an Illinois divorce, or a California divorce, the little details and emotions that surround the process have the possibility of driving anyone crazy. Every state has a slightly different process for divorce, as well as different laws that deal with divorce. The Huffington Post posted an article about the most bizarre state divorce laws, and your Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyerswanted to share these strange laws with you today.

  • In cases of what’s called “alienation of affection” — when a third party is held responsible for the failure of a marriage — New Mexico and Mississippi give scorned spouses the right to sue their ex spouse’s lover for damages.
  • In Kentucky, it’s illegal to remarry the same person four times, so residents of the state would do well to think twice before taking a repeat trip down the aisle.
  • In Wichita, Kansas, it’s written into law that a man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law can’t be used as grounds for divorce.
  • Marriage is no laughing matter for most people, but in Delaware, a couple can file to have their union annulled if they entered into it as a “jest” or “dare.”
  • In Tennessee, claiming that your spouse made an attempt on your life “by poison or any other means showing malice” is grounds for divorce.
  • Just for fun, we’ve added one strange divorce law from across the pond. England doesn’t have a no-fault divorce law, so about half of all divorcing couples are left scrambling to find a reason for citing “unreasonable behavior.” Some past causes for splits, according to a recent New York Times feature, include a woman who filed because her husband wanted her to dress up in a “Star Trek” Klingon costume and a man who said that he was simply fed up with his wife making tuna for dinner.

Luckily for our Pittsburgh divorce clients, Pennsylvania did not make the list of states with strangest divorce laws. With the exception of the period of legal separation mandated by PA family law, there are very few hoops you need to jump through in order to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania.

For more information about the Pennsylvania divorce process, contact our Western Pennsylvania divorce lawyers at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates. We have represented thousands of divorce clients and will work with you to make your divorce as easy and stress free as possible.