Marriage Licenses and Applications in Pittsburgh, PA

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By Lisa Marie Vari of Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. posted in Marriage Planning on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

The first step in the path of marriage is applying for a marriage license. In Pittsburgh, this can be done in two different ways. You can either apply online with the online marriage license application (as long as you have a valid email address) or you can go into the office to fill out a paper application. The office is located in the Department of Court Records, Wills/Orphan’s Court Division, Marriage License Bureau, which is in Downtown, Pittsburgh.

The application will inquire if you have been married in the past. It is your duty to answer this information honestly. If you fail to disclose this information and to present a divorce decree, you marriage license will be considered void. As the law has recently changed regarding same-sex marriages, it is important to also note that any former marriages, regardless of where they took place and regardless of the gender of the former spouse must be disclosed when submitting an application. The application will explicitly ask for this information. If you cannot produce a divorce decree, you will not be permitted to apply until you do so. Again, lying by saying you have never been married before can result in your new marriage being void.

The next step in the process for those seeking a marriage license is to appear together in person at the Pittsburgh Marriage License Bureau. Appearing together, with valid photo identification, is mandatory. Once you have done this, the application for a marriage license will be submitted, and under Pennsylvania law, there will be a three-day waiting period. The marriage license can ultimately be mailed to you for free or you can go into the office to pick it up.

The Pittsburgh Marriage License Bureau recommends to apply 2-3 weeks prior to a marriage ceremony. If you have more questions on marriage licenses, check out the county website at:


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