The Craziest Provisions in Wills

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By: Lisa Vari on G+

A Pennsylvania Will must be made by someone who is of age (eighteen), be made by someone of “sound mind,” must be signed at its end, and must be in writing to be valid. However, the contents of what the Testator (or the person making the Will) can include within the Will is broad – many different things can be included based on the Testator’s specific wishes.

Our Pittsburgh Wills attorneys are talking about the most out of the ordinary provisions that exist in Wills. Mostly of celebrities, these Wills are something to talk about! Check these out!

Harry Houdini left a secret note to his wife in his Will, containing 10 random words that he would use to communicate with her after he had died. His wife held séances every year for 10 years after Harry’s death to communicate with him (but no luck there).

Napoleon Bonaparte shaved his head before his death and left pieces of his hair to all of his friends. A slightly odd request, but again-it’s up to the Testator!

Charles Vance Miller is not a household name – but this Toronto lawyer left a very interesting legacy. Mr. Miller did not have any family to leave his money to, so he left a large sum of money to the woman in Toronto who could birth the most children in the decade after his death. This was termed the “Great Stork Derby” and ended in a four-way tie. Each of the four women had nine children and each mother received $125,000.00 a piece.

Mark Gruenwald, famous for his writing and editing of Marvel Comics, had a very interesting (and fitting) request in his Will. His ashes were mixed in with ink and were used to print comic books.

Gene Roddenberry – the Star Trek creator-wanted his ashes scattered above the Earth by a satellite in orbit. Very fitting for the creator of the space/science fiction series Star Trek- don’t you think?

Fred Baur –Upon Mr. Baur’s death in 2008, he wanted some of his ashes to be buried in the most appropriate of places-in a Pringles can! Did we mention Mr. Baur was the creator of Pringles? Apparently, once you pop – you just can’t stop!

Marie Curie kept her scientific daughter in mind in her Will. This two-time Nobel Prize Winner died with a gram of pure radium in her possession. Curie left the radium to the University of Paris in her Will with the stipulation that her daughter would be free to use the radium during her scientific research at the University.


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