The Impact of Social Media on a Pennsylvania Family Law Case

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Social media is great. There are very few people nowadays that don’t have a Facebook or other similar online profile. One of the major pitfalls of social media sites, however, is how they can be used against you in court. Specifically, in family court and in family cases involving custody and divorce, Facebook, and other various social media, can cause major problems. In today’s blog by your Western Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers discuss the impact that social media can have on your Pennsylvania divorce.

In today’s ultra-connected and technologically savvy world, Facebook posts, conversations, and images are used quite often as evidence in divorce and custody cases, when available. Often times, this information is freely available to the opposing side due to privacy settings or using other Facebook accounts that are connected to your personal account. For example, if you are not friends with your ex-spouse, however you are friends with a mutual friend of his or hers, they may be able to use that friend’s account and access your personal information.

People often do not think about the repercussions of posting on Facebook. It is very common for people to post pictures of them drinking, out partying, or doing certain illegal activities on Facebook without a second thought. It is also common for people to post Facebook statuses reflecting gripes and grudges they are holding. We often see screen shots of a parent’s status proclaiming their hatred for their ex or the other co-parent. These are things you need to avoid when going through anything in family court–you have to assume that everything can and will be used against you in a Pittsburgh family court.

Another issue we see with Facebook and other social media sites is evidence of affairs. With these sites, evidence of affairs or any other indiscretions are now saved online. This evidence can be accessed from anywhere through computers, tablets or phones.

That being said, if you’re going through a separation, divorce, or custody battle, be extremely mindful of what you post on social media. Make sure your privacy settings don’t allow people that you aren’t friends with to view your profile. To be completely safe, it may be a good idea to deactivate your Facebook for the duration of your dispute. Additionally, if you want to complain, keep it verbal and only to your close friends.

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