The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for your Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket

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If you’ve ever gotten a traffic ticket you may wonder if you need a lawyer. Many people that find themselves in these situations choose not to hire a lawyer because they don’t think it’s worth the expense when the ticket is only $200, for example. In today’s blog, our Western Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket lawyers explain the benefits of hiring a lawyer to defend you on your traffic tickets.

So why spend money on a lawyer to contest a $200 fine? The answer to this is insurance premiums. An experienced attorney will know the ins and out of the traffic court system as well as the right method to get you both out of the ticket itself as well as the insurance penalties associated with a ticket.

Though people are less likely to hire an attorney to defend a traffic ticket than to defend you for criminal charges, where just about everyone hires a lawyer, the benefits of hiring a lawyer for your traffic tickets are also great. Though you will incur a fee for your attorney, you are much more likely to save money in the long run if you seek legal help with traffic violations because of the money you will be able to save on your insurance premium.

Additionally, say you’re driving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and you get stopped in Philly, but live in Pittsburgh. If your ticket requires a court appearance, this would require you to drive back to Philly for the court appearance. Some courts, however, will allow your hired attorney to stand in for you at your court date and make your argument, without ever needing your physical presence. This is obviously extremely helpful and convenient for anyone who can’t take a day off of work at a moment’s notice and so forth.

For criminal related traffic violations, it goes without saying that it is essential to hire an attorney. If you’ve been charged with a DWI or DUI in Pennsylvania, you absolutely need legal representation. It is imperative that one of the first phone calls you make is to an attorney.

If you have been cited with a civil or criminal traffic violation in Pennsylvania, contact our office today. Our Pennsylvania Criminal Law Attorney Jill Sinatra can provide you with guidance and representation with regards to PA traffic tickets.