Dade County Family Court Attorneys’ Fees

Legal Fees for Florida Family Law Attorneys

Under Florida law, the family courts believe that both spouses should have equal access to legal advice in the event of a divorce action. Therefore, if one spouse cannot afford to hire an attorney and the other spouse has the ability to pay, the spouse with financial need may make a request for interim counsel fees and costs pending the final judgment of divorce. Non-marital assets may be used in the determination of one spouse’s ability to pay, even though those same non-marital assets may not be part of the marital estate for Florida property distribution purposes. Attorneys fees in family law cases can also be awarded inFlorida child support and custody cases.

In addition, legal fees can be awarded as a sanction against undesirable behavior of a party or attorney. If an attorney pursues an issue that is clearly frivolous, the attorney may be compelled to pay attorney’s fees. The petitioner or respondent in a family law case can be compelled to pay the other party’s legal fees if they fail to reasonably cooperate with the family law process or if they refuse to accept a settlement offer that was reasonable and thereby cause avoidable litigation.

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